Cold Lipton Peach Green Tea for Your Afternoon Drinks

Lipton Peach Green Tea

There are so many types of tea that you can take for your afternoon snack. If you are looking for the unique looking one that can give you the amazing afternoon drink, you might want to try Lipton peach green tea. This tea offers you the nice taste unlike many other tea brands out there. As an addition to that, this tea from Lipton is also considerably healthy so that you will not need to worry about consuming this tea every afternoon. If you are looking for the nice way to serve this green tea, you might need to try this simple recipe below.

For the start, you might want to brew one tea bag of the peach green tea from Lipton. Make sure you use the water with the room temperature. This kind of water will help you to minimize the number of caffeine that you will get from the Lipton peach green tea. After brewing the tea for about ten minutes, you need to pour the tea on the icebox and let them freeze for few hours. Because of this reason, you will need to make these tea cubes at night or in the morning.

When the frozen tea cubes are ready, you just need to brew another glass of this green tea from Lipton. After that, you just need to put some tea cubes on the glass and the Lipton peach green tea is ready to serve for your afternoon drinks. If you want to make it even better, you can also try to get some sliced peaches and put the sliced peaches on the top part of the tea. This way, you will get the tasty green tea with the peach sensation from Lipton for your afternoon drink. Good luck with the simple recipe for your afternoon drink.