Face Implants Cost, Preparations and Results

It has seen that very often this procedure is done on the personal request of the patient, thus there are no chances of any compensation in form of health policy. However, this procedure is also done on demands of the surgeons after a fatal accident or traumatic injury. In these severe accidents and injuries, some of the facial parts of the patients may get ruined, thus doctors ask for a face implants so that the ruined area may be reconstructed again. The insurance company will have to cover the cost of the procedure if it is being taken on demand of the doctors after a trauma.

The procedures prepares with lots of sessions between doctor and patient during which both talk about the procedure and decide what should be the expected outcome. The patient will be told how the procedure is going to give him the old face once again. Several photos of the patient will be taken before the procedure, these photos are used to make computerized sketch of the face of the patient. The software of the program tells surgeon what should be the dimensions of the implant. Furthermore, he is also shown the photos of other patients who have had undergone this process before him.


The people who are adopting this procedure for cosmetic reasons should be mentally, physically and emotionally fit. In case, the doctor has decided to use general anesthesia in the procedure, the patient may be asked to have a couple of tests that would determine his overall health. Some certain lab tests are necessary for every patient, these lab tests define whether the liver and the kidneys of the patients are working properly or he ability to clot the blood.

There would not be any eating 8 to 12 hours before the surgery, and the patient will also have to stop use of some medications including aspirin. In order to minimize the risks of infections, the patient may be given some antibiotic medications which would help him reduce the risk of infections.  The result of this surgery should be a positive change in the appearance and look of the surgery. For the patients who had undergone this surgery after a traumatic injury, the normal result should be the previous face which the patient had before injury or trauma.


Since the implants make only four to 8 millimeters of difference in the appearance of the face, the people often combine other procedures with this procedure in order to have even better results. The procedures like facelift and Botox prove very effective and helpful in making face beautiful. One thing which is important to note in this procedure is that the final result may take some time to come. The expected final result of the surgery is not expected to appear unless the wounds are healed.