Health and Calm from Home

Creating the green spot in the house? And we would pause to think, because in our minds, where green means spending the plants with wide area. And is it possible to implement in our homes? It could be. Because the existence of green areas in the home is not only provide beauty, but has a role in improving the health of residents. Because the plants that planted can reduce air pollution and provide oxygen instead.

“The key to gardening is to combine elements of hardscape and softscape is apt. If both elements are able to complement each other, it will create a design theme that we wanted, “explained Amirulla Muh. Amin, the director of the Interior Nedia Cipta, who also a planner and architectural firm in Jakarta.

Hardscape garden is an element that is solid and hard, such as waterfalls, fountains, coral stone, floor paving, pergola, patios. While softscape is the horticultural element that gives life to the park, such as trees, flowers, leaves, grass. Trees will provide shade, while the interest will add an accent in our garden. In order for the park can be arranged as expected, consider the election of Amirullah of these plants :

Presents a cool atmosphere with:

  • Plant cover.
    Type: Silk onions, lantana, Peking grass, grass tripe, and elephant grass.
    Plants can not grow these high-functioning as ground covers, plants can form clumps or reptile.
  • Shrubs.
    Type: Chrysanthemums, roses, paper flowers, hibiscus, and the glass plate.
    Maybe some of us knew him as a bush. Plants of this type will have no more than 2 meters high.
  • Vines.
    Type: Alamanda, lady chewing betel nut and betel ivory.
    Many people using this type of plant as an ornamental fence, pergola, or gazebo, as well as greening the home environment. There are flowering at any time, while others exist that can bloom all year round.

Bring the atmosphere of calm with:

  • Water plants.
    Type: Lotus and lotus.
    Beautify the garden by placing the plant above the wide-mouthed jars or in the pool. For some people, the existence of a fish pond in the home is believed to relieve stress and fatigue. Plus, the presence of a pool in the garden can be a therapeutic tool for patients with hypertension and insomnia.

Because by looking at fish and green plants around the pool, able to make the heart becomes more calm and lower blood pressure. Maximize the look of the pool by adding gravel, coral, water fountain made of rocks and stupas.

Bring atmosphere of calm with:

  • Tree protector.
    Type: Cambodia, Bungur, flamboyant, ylang, palm, and rubber.
    In addition to calm, the presence of shade trees can provide a dominant character in the park. If from the first tree was already there, we can start structuring the park from the point where the tree is located. Followed by aligning other elements according to the desired theme.

Because cover crops generally can grow very large, and damage fences, floors and buildings of our house. Therefore, the calculation used to house a distance tree and a fence before planting.