How to Make Thick Frizzy Hair Look Fashionable

Hey guys what is up what’s good is sugar. Shania and welcome back to my blog so in today’s video what I would be doing is sharing with you guys how I style my hair from start to finish now this video has been SuperDuper requests especially over on my snaps and in some of my

recent videos a lot of gays are wondering how I styled my hair and I guess I never thought to do it because I thought it was very simple but a lot of gays want to know what products I use in how I’m able to use them to achieve this

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right here and without further ado we’re just gonna go ahead and get into it well hello you guys so I’m just going to quickly jump into it there’s not much to how I style my hair but I feel like a lot of guys have requested it in the

past so I’ll let you know what I’m just going to do it for you so the first thing that I do is I like to shampoo condition my hair the shampoo conditioner that I’ve been loving is the living proof shampoo conditioner which

are these two oh right here I talked about them in the past and this is the fresh shampoo and conditioner I feel like it’s really important to just use a shampoo conditioner that’s targeted toward your hair so if you have

dry hair use something that’s going to add moisture to it if you have like curly hair than use maybe a curly hair conditioner but I have like really frizzy hair and since I do find myself battling humidity living in Florida I

feel like this works really really well with my hair type after I shampoo condition my hair I do go in with this kind of like care wrap which is going to take some of that wetness out of my hair so that way it’s damp and it’s not

soaking wet before I style it so my hair has been sitting in this for me about 10 to 15 minutes it’s not completely dry but it’s also not soaking wet so I’m just going to take my hair out of the wrap

I’m just gonna finger comb a little bit instead of going in with my wet brush once my hair is out of the wrap what I like to do is I like to go in with a styling product and this is something I’ve been doing recently and I have been

loving the way it like makes my hair look and how full and voluminous it looks so I’ve been going in with a primer and this is the little crew Prime style extender it’s pretty much just going to block your style and longer

just like we use a primer for a face this is a primer for your hair now this is a living proof product as well but trust me when I tell you this video is not sponsored by living proof I just genuinely truly love their products so I

like to take about this much of the product and I blend it into my hands and then I apply it from the tips and then I will apply it into the roots as well honestly I never knew why my hair did it look good after I would style it myself

versus like when my hair stylist did it and I realize it has a lot to do with the type of products you put in your hair so I do love this primer style extender I just I’m obsessed with it alright cool so now that that’s done I’m

now going to go in with a wide toothed comb which looks something like this and I’m just going to brush out the tangle so that way the product is evenly distribute all throughout my hair since we are going to be working with

heat today I’m gonna go in with the matrix heat buffer thermal styling spray which looks like this and I’m gonna pop off the cap and I’m gonna spray this all over my hair from the intro I’m sure you guys already know that I have a lot of

hair it’s very big it’s very textured it’s very frizzy and honestly I have to mentally prepare myself sometimes to dry my hair because it takes so freakin long like I honestly have so much hair but a product that has literally saved my life

and just made everything better inside is this which is the matrix turbo dryer blow dry spray oh my god talk about turbo drying I honestly do not mind the process of washing blow dry and then styling my hair after using this is

obviously a lifesaver I’m about halfway done I definitely need to pick up another bottle so what I like to do is I just like to spray this all over my hair just like I did the thermal spray and this is just going to instantly dry my

hair well not instantly but it’s honestly gonna cut down my drying time by like 50% and if you have hair like me you need ish in your life so that is all the product I like to put in my hair before styling it I’m then just gonna go

in with a clip like this it’s all chewed up because Luna Luna got ahold of it start chewing on it but I’m just going to section off my hair from the bottom so right where my ears are I’m just going to section off this hair whoo

so I’m going to start drying this bottom half of my hair and the way I like to dry it is with a blow dryer the blow dryer that I have is this new people dryer right here and then I like to also use a big old paddle brush like this

this is by GHD and what I’ll do is I’ll brush out my hair and then blow-dry at the same time just in a downward motion so that way it is nice and dry pretty much the concept is that I’m smoothing out my hair I’m not trying to style a or

anything like that I’m just smoothing it out so that way it’s completely dry and it’s not overly frizzy so I’m just going to turn my blow-dryer on now I’m just going to section off my hair again in this time I’m going to

section it off a little bit above my ears probably like right here where my eyebrow ends so what I like to do is I probably like to section this off in like four different sections so that way it’s not too much hair to dry at the

same time all right so my hair is almost all the way dry now I’m going to start working on my bangs I’m just going to pop these down and how I like to blow dry these if I just brush them or I dry them straight

down like this and then I’ll kind of alternate sides because I either will part my hair off centered like this or I’ll part it straight down the middle all right so now that my hair is completely dried this is pretty much

what it looks like it definitely is not straight it still has like some frizz to it towards very ends so the next step that I like to do is I like to section off my hair once again so I’m just going to section it off exactly where I

sectioned it off the first time like at the very bottom of my ears what I like to do is I like to part a section off about that much to start curling and I like to curl my hair from the back to the front so that way these curls are

out of the way as I’m curling and I don’t miss any of these up if that makes sense so I have my straightener I’m going to hold my straightener and then I’m just going to curl it by pulling it down and

I’m creating a little bit of tension but not so much tension to the point where it’s like super curly I just want it to be slightly curly and then I will curl it with my finger and that is pretty much what I’m going for

I don’t want anything that’s super out of the ordinary curly just because I do want more of like an effortless curl look if that makes sense so I’m going to take my straightener I’m going to pull downwards creating a little bit of

tension and then I’m going to release a little bit when I get to the tips because I don’t want the tips to be super curly just like that now each curl doesn’t have to be exactly the same just go ahead and curl them

however you want like I said I’m pulling it downwards creating some tension and then I’m loosening up the tension when I get down to the very tips I’m going to twirl it on my finger pulling it a little bit and that is the curl wave

pattern that we’re going for and these are pretty much what the curls look like I’m now going to do the same thing to this side I’m going to start in the back now when we switch sides a lot of people get confused as to how to hold their

straightener so I like to hold my straightener up and then I will pull all downwards like so creating some tension loosening it up as I get to the tips then I’ll twirl it on my finger like so and there’s the first curl I

always feel like one side is easier than the other side just because I’m like left-handed so sometimes I find this side to be a little bit harder so I’m going to create some tension pull pull pull and when I get down to the tip just

going to release the tension twirl it on my finger pulling it a little bit and there’s a curl and yeah you guys this is pretty much what I do to get these really nice kind of like luscious curls if you guys will

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