Hyperdimension Neptunia Review – A Really Big Mess of Anime Adaptation

Hyperdimension Neptunia Review

I don’t believe that there is a factor that represents far better what is an enormously tryhard anime adaptation than Hyperdimension Neptunia.

To begin with, I have never played the game, and this Choujigen Game Neptune review goes over only the anime adaptation series. At this moment, I’m not just going to begin by sugar-coating elements: Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation can be a grimy clutter. Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation provides everything you ought not do with an anime series that’s said to be light-hearted and attractive. It attempts so hard to achieve success and please that it resulted on setting itself to becoming a catastrophe.

There’s bit of to no story in this anime adaptation. The essential idea is that four cute young girls are goddesses in a country called Gamindustri, and every one of them rule over one area (all of them appearing certainly blatant parodies of video game companies). We follow these cute girls and their little sisters and close friends dealing with adventures to fix anything type of creepy thing is bothersome Gamindustri at that moment in mini-arcs that always last around one and three episodes.

A very important factor I do have to commend is the parody element. In case you are at least a bit accustomed to a single thing video game related, that you are likely to hook some of them, given that they include delicate to blatant – in among the list of episodes, the girls visit the theme park in the land of Lowee that’s basically an interactive Super Mario game. The point that each and every character personificates a video game developing company from their model to portions of their personalities, producing Gamindustri a colossal parody of the reality game industry, is genuine and really brilliant.

In truth, Hyperdimension Neptunia can have been excellent if it focused a lot more on that in lieu of investing 90% of times in a maze of indecisiveness. The anime merely jumps from attractive slice of life story to dramatic teary scenes to a full-detail of a girl being tentacle raped by… Any situation that may possibly tentacle-rape someone. Even Anime Bibly said that it contains drama aspect around 50% but it’s really confusing. You can read the post in Choujigen Game Neptune review in that site. These shifts are so sudden and out of balance that it confuses the audience, and we fall into turmoil, confused if we need to be taking what I am witnessing seriously or not.

It does not help how excessive Neptunia is in every last thing it attempts to approach. The slice of life concepts are moeblob-ish, saccharine pieces with dreary humor that can effortlessly be part of a nasty youngster’s show if it isn’t for the fanservice. The drama is totally forced. The ecchi could be very vulgar and at times absolutely grosse. There isn’t any single attractive fanservice scene to be watched. The parody element is ingested by this massive clutter.