What is Blepharoplasty? Purpose for eyelid surgery

The biggest problems with the fat deposited on upper and lower lids is that it has no remedy other than surgery, so people rush towards surgeons as  they see these signs of aging, but it has also found that these problems do not just appear on aging but a person may face them in his early life as well. There are no such exercises or diet plans available which can cope this problem, so the people has no other choice left than to contact surgeons in order to fix it. The excess skin over upper eyelids makes them to droop, while bags under the eyes give patient a weary look. The purpose of Blepharoplasty is to eliminate these factors and provides patient with a fresher, younger look.


It is not like if the surgeon removes a lot of skin or fat from upper or lower eyelids. In fact, a very little fat or skin is removed, but the effect is dramatic. Drooping eyelid may also occur at birth as well, and it may have a number of reasons for that, including hormone imbalances, abnormalities or defects in the muscles that lift eyelid and neurological conditions. This surgery may also be prescribed by physician as well if it is creating difficulties in vision.


Asians who are born without a crease in the upper eyelids also undergo this surgery in order to fix this problem. It has found that approximately half of the Asians are born without crease or fold in upper eyelid. The artificial placement of this crease provides patient with a brighter look.